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We provide paid cryptocurrency signals from top channels

z crypto signals


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Margin/leverage trading. Alt coins and mportant updates/direction for crypto market (not financial advice, not responsible for loss)

klondike crypto signals


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Klondike Crypto Rush is a team of four traders; we have been working collectively for almost five years. In May 2017 we decided to create the crypto channel in Telegram

Margin whales crypto signals


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High-quality analytics of an English-speaking trader, the main direction of trading is trading on the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Instrument analytics: BTC / USD, ETH / USD.

Rose margin crypto signals


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An English-speaking trader who set an ambitious goal: the initial deposit is 0.1 BTC. The goal is 100 BTC. During a year. The main direction of trade is trading on the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange.

Trading crypto assistante crypto signals


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A team of professional traders with very high traffic signals. The main direction of trading is intraday trading on the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange.

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What is it? Crypto signals ?

Crypto signals is a trading analytics of assets of the cryptocurrency market, which contains information with buy levels, sales levels and necessarily stop-loss, position size and leverage.

Trading with credit funds (leverage) can lead to large losses, so you do not need to trust all the channels that give crypto signals for free. The cryptocurrency market has very high volatility, but despite this, we have sources whose signals are highly accurate, triggering in 90% of cases.

free crypto signals

Free and paid cryptocurrency signals

Crypto signals and cryptocurrency trading are currently gaining great popularity, despite the fact that the Bitcoin price is falling. Because you can earn even by reducing the value of the asset. People are increasingly realizing that the growth of their income at work for hire is very limited and go to learn the basics of crypto trading and investing.

At the same time, most traders have a polar reputation, there are a lot of good and bad reviews. Some people call cryptocurrency signals as a scam, while others think the opposite. But definitely, crypto signals are not a ''money'' button. Most definitely, you need to bypass almost all free cryptocurrency signals.

But among the paid crypto signals you need to work hard and spend a lot of money before you find really useful information. Precisely so that you do not waste time and money, there is our aggregator of paid crypto signals.

What exchanges do you use for trading?

binance crypto signals

Trading on the BitMex cryptocurrency exchange is suitable for a more experienced market participant, because using leverage carries not only big earnings, but also a high risk of losing your entire deposit. For less experienced traders, we provide trading crypto signals for the Binance exchange. If you want to test our service for free - send a request